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Early music and home-made food.

Upcoming Events

Sun 27th Oct - Salzburg chocolate divertimenti @HeathStreet

at Heath Street Baptist Church, NW3 1DN


Our first baroquestock autumn concert of 2019 starts with the end of 18th Century in Salzburg. On one side of the town the young Mozart is writing a septet divertimento for his sister's name day, and on the other side is Luigi Gatti, the official Kappelmaister (and therefore considered much more important than the Mozart fam), busy producing masses and all sorts of celebration music for his 'boss', Archbishop Colleredo. But he still finds time to create some really very peculiar chamber music for the talented musicians of the court orchestra. In Gatti's Sextet you'll be able to hear very demanding parts written for cor angais and cello!

Our concert will also include two opera arias arranged for small ensemble and sung by our friend and wonderful mezzo-soprano Emily Gray. And apparently it's not just us who think she's incredible:

One performer stood out as already knowing how to use her dramatic and vocal skills to the utmost: mezzo-soprano Emily Gray (Ottavia).

The Guardian & Observer, July 2017


So around this time in Salzburg, when an opera was successful, publishers and young composers would be ready to produce arrangements of the "best bits". In this way the music could be circulated among small courts, amateur musicians, provincial theatres...fortunately/unfortunately they didn't recordings back then. We aim to make this as a "tradition" of our concerts, and give you the best bits, just like the chocolate balls.

Enjoy the concert with our special baroquestock hot chocolate which will be available at the Apothecary bar(open from 5pm), as well as amazing homemade cakes, of course. 🙂

Luigi Gatti - Sextet in Eb major for violin, viola, cello, cor anglais, bassoon & bass

F. J. Haydn - Deh soccorri un infelice Clelia's aria from l'infedelta' premiata

W. A.Mozart - batti batti bel Masetto from Don Giovanni

(arranged for small ensemble and mezzo soprano)

W. A. Mozart - Divertimento K251 for 2 violins, viola, bass, oboe and 2 horns

Istante Collective

Mezzo-soprano - Emily Gray

Violins - Gabi Mass, Sophia Prodanova

Viola - Cecile Ross

Cello - Alex Rolton

Bass - John-Henry Baker

Oboe - Nicola Barbagli

Bassoon - Catriona McDermid

Horns - Dave Horwich, Daniel de Souza

Standard Tickets - £12

Advance tickets (Online only) - £10

Students: £5 (door only, with Student ID 🙂

Doors open 5pm with Food and Drinks, Music from 6pm

Baroquestock cafe will be serving:

From 5.30pm onwards, and in the interval:


Hot 'Gatti' chocolate

After the concert:
Our classic focaccia
The Apothecary Bar will also  be serving a selection of craft beer from St Mary's Brewery and wines throughout from 5.30pm and throughout the evening. 


Wed 30th Oct - Bizzarrie Sopra L'antica Ciaccona [ NewBachAbel Concert Series #1] @Fidelio


music by Telemann, Purcell, Couperin, Mateis, Barsanti.

Musicians have always travelled, and they always will!

Composers music has always travelled as well (especially after printing music became a business!)

 Fidelio Cafe in Farringdon [EC1R 5BX]

The title of our first #NewBachAbel concert is taken from Nicola Mateis's Airs for the Violin - a collection of airs, dances and suites that overlap Italian, French and English musical tastes. Mateis was a highly regarded violin virtuoso, and travelled from Naples to London where he was described as second only to Corelli. 

We will also meet Francesco Barsanti, another Italian composer who went even further than London, reaching Edinburgh in 1735, where he published a set of Old Scot's Tunes – traditional melodies to which he added his own bass-lines. In order to be *super authentic*, we thought we would bring some musicians down from Scotland - Lucia, David and Laszlo will be coming especially!

There were also some composers who didn’t travel much and sometimes the music didn’t get further than the desk they were scribbled down on, and also some cases where the music didreach the public…but under a different name than that of the composer. Was this simply a form of celebrity endorsement and product branding? After all, if music published under the name of a famous composer is good for business, does it matter who actually wrote it?

Come to hear an evening of ‘bizzarrie’, gossip, and wonderful forgotten music. 

Our programme will include:
N.Mateis - Selection from airs for the violin
N.Barsanti - Selection from Old Scotch Tunes
G.Ph.Telemann - Triosonata in C Minor TWV 42:c2
French Suites of Philidor and Dornel 
More music by Vivaldi/Chedeville

Istante Collective
Nicola Barbagli || oboe, recorder
László Rózsa || recorders
Lucia Capellaro || cello/gamba
David Gerrard || harpsichord


Fri 1st Nov - SERIO e FACETO @RedDoorCafe

at Red Door Cafe, Greenwich [SE10 9JA]

SERIO e FACETO presents 

Le Astuzie Femminili 

(Feminine Wiles)

Voice - Irene Biancalani

Accordion - Nicola Barbagli

Have you ever travelled to countries and found that you couldn't understand a single word of the local language? We hope you have! This isn't just because meeting different people is great, but also because it's definitely a musical experience. As you slowly move further from your mother-tongue everything is based more and more on sensation, a new sound world is created and interpretation becomes... basically, total guesswork!

But! If you allow yourself to be led by feelings, sound itself will become your understanding, as the story itself is recounted in 'sound'.  In this new context, which may well feel confusing, your senses will be highly active and you might discover magical sounds - magical stories! - that you have never heard before.  By the end of the evening (maybe with the help of a glass of wine) you'll be able to speak and sing in...Polish? Italian? Neapolitan? Russian?

Come and discover the musical journey to Russia of a young Neapolitan composer, Domenico Cimarosa, and how music can be everybody's language!

We take the name of our show (and perhaps more?) from Cimarosa's first Opera when he came home to Naples, which was premiered on 26th august 1794...

Doors open 7pm

Music from 8pm

Standard Tickets - £7

Advance tickets (Online only) - £5

Students: £5 (door only, with Student ID 🙂



Thurs 7th Nov - London Haydn Quartet @HeathStreet

at Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead [NW3 1DN]

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London Haydn Quartet

We're very excited to welcome back the London Haydn Quartet to the intimate settings of Heath St Baptist Church for an all-Haydn string quartet feast.

Haydn String Quartets:

- Op 76 No. 1 in G -

- Op 76 No. 6 in E flat -

- Op 76 No 5. in D -

Violin - Catherine Manson, Michael Gurevich || Viola - John Crockatt || Cello - Jonathan Manson

Doors & The Apothecary Bar open from 7pm, Music from 7.30pm. The Apothecary Bar will serve drinks and home-made Haydn-focaccia before and after the concert!

Standard Tickets - £12

Advance tickets (Online only) - £10

Students: £5 (door only, with Student ID 🙂

One of the world’s leading period instrument string quartets, The London Haydn Quartet was born out of a passion for Haydn. they have received invitations to many of the most important concert series in UK, USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. The London Haydn Quartet’s series of recordings of Haydn’s quartets on the Hyperion label (the op 9, op 17, op 20, op 33, op 50, op 54/55 and op 64 quartets to date) have met with international critical acclaim.

The quartet has given recitals of all-Haydn programmes at New York’s Carnegie Hall, the Cheltenham Festival, Utrecht Festival, Bath Mozartfest, Klara Festival the Granada International Festival and at Haydn festivals in Esterhazy, Lincoln and Lyon and the English Haydn Festival.

The musicians imbued both works with myriad details of shading and contrast, and beautifully calibrated phrasing

New York Times, January 2014

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Sat 16th Nov + Sat 14th Dec - Sing with the Carnival Band! @HeathStreet

at Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead [NW3 1DN]

The Carnival Band love performing with Carnival Choirs and would like to invite you to join them for A Carnival of Carols for a special December concert. There are no auditions and the choirs are open to all. Each choir will have a one-day workshop led by Andy Watts at which singers will learn arrangements in four-part harmony from the band's extensive repertoire of festive music. You will be able to download sheet music and recordings to help you learn your part, and on the day of the concert there will be a final rehearsal with The Carnival Band.

As in 2017, Maddy Prior will not be joining us, so the choir will take centre stage and sing about half the items in the concert.

On-line support for Choir members will be given access to downloads of sheet music and mp3 sound files to help them prepare for the concert. Printed music booklets will be given at the workshop. All materials are included in the price.

The number of places is limited to 40 in each choir so early application is recommended. We reserve the right to balance the choir by limiting the number of singers on each voice part.

Cost of combined workshop and concert ticket is £50 (under 19s £25). Please note, choir members are required to sing in the concert and must attend the whole of the workshop day. They must attend the whole three-hour rehearsal on the day of the concert

Workshop: Saturday 16th November 10.00am - 4.00pm

Rehearsal: Saturday 14th December 2.30pm - 5.30pm

Concert: Saturday 14th December 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm (est. finish)

All events take place at Heath Street Baptist Church.


Thurs 21st Nov - Travelling oboes, travelling oboists [NewBachAbel Concert Series #2] @Fidelio

Fidelio Cafe in Farringdon [EC1R 5BX]

music by Lebrun, Druvshesky, Mozart, Haydn, Giardini

Our second concert of this series will feature a mini-history of the oboe around the second half of the eighteenth century, telling the stories of oboe virtuosi of the time.  Some were constant travellers, others court musicians, some were charlatans and others were able promoters of their own compositions as well as being famous teachers.

We start with Friedrich Ramm, court oboist in Munich, who inspired Mozart to write the KV370 quartet in 1781. Then we move to Jiri Druvshesky, who was not just a timpanist and oboist but also a J.S.Bach scholar long before Mendelssohn "rediscovered" Bach's Passions. Istante Collective will bring those unconventional divas back to life for an evening.

Programme will include music and stories form:

Lebrun - Trios op.2 n.3

Stamitz - Quartet op.8n.4

Georg Drushetzky - Quartet in G minor on "B.A.C.H." name

Mozart -  Quartet K370

Giardini - Quartetto op.25 n.3

Bochsa - Quartet n.2 in D minor

Istante Collective

Oboe - Nicola Barbagli

Violin - Naomi Burrel

Viola - Elitsa Bogdanova

Cello - Gavin Kibble


This will take you to the Fidelio website

Sun 1st Dec - Saraband @HeathStreet

at Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead [NW3 1DN]

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A concert of 17th century music from the court, theatre and tavern. From the sorrowful Pavans of Matthew Locke and sumptuous sonorities of Henry Purcell, to tunes by celebrated violinists of the day: Nicola Matteis, John Eccles and superstar Italian - Corelli. Also...Solos for baroque guitar and viola da gamba and sprinklings of the best stories and gossip from circa 1680.

Saraband are joined by their very own Thesp, Rob Maskell - still smelling of greasepaint from his run in 'Fiddler on the Roof' - to take us into the world of the 17th  century theatre and tavern with stories and songs by the greatest wits of the age, including the famous scurvy poet, Tom D'Urfey.

Violin - Henrietta Wayne & Sarah Bealby-Wright,

Viola de Gamba & Cello - Kate Conway

Theorbo & Guitar - David Miller

Robert Maskell - Actor/ Balladmonger

Standard Tickets - £12

Advance tickets (Online only) - £10

Students: £5 (door only, with Student ID 🙂

Doors open 5pm, Music from 6pm

>> click here to BUY TICKETS <<

Fri 6th Dec - Fauti d'echo @ RedDoorCafe

at Red Door Cafe, Greenwich [SE10 9JA]

Flauti d’echo explores the huge variety of colours that emerge when one musical line traces in the exact footsteps of another. With playful mirroring, haunting reflections and virtuosic imitations, the programme will include the music of J.S. Bach, Purcell and Uccellini.

Music to include:

W.A.Mozart - Spiegelkanon (K3.284dd; K.Anh.10.16)

Henry Purcell - Chaconne ‘Two in One Upon a Ground’

Marco Uccellini ñ Aria Sopra la Bergamasca

Jacques-Martin Hotteterre - PrÈlude

G.P. Telemann ñ Canon MÈlodieux

Formed by recorder players Tabea Debus and Olwen Foulkes, Flauti díecho create repertoire for the recorder through their own arrangements of fifteenth-eighteenth century music and new commissions. The ensemble engages a variety of different instrumentalists on a project-to-project basis that allows them to communicate their wide range of repertoire to audiences in multiple performance settings. Flauti d’echo were participants of the BREMF Live! Scheme 2017-18 and won the Nancy Nuttal Early Music Prize for Chamber music in 2016. They are the ‘Take Note’ ensemble for Chiltern Arts Festival 2019.

For this special concert you can choose from one of three show times. Each show will last 45mins-1hr. Tea/Coffee will be served until 7pm, and alcohol will be available at all three shows)

The Early Show (kid-friendly!)- 4pm

The Middle Show (less kid-friendly) - 6pm

The Late Show (adult-friendly)- 8pm

Standard Tickets - £7

Advance tickets (Online only) - £5

Students/kids: £3 (door only, with Student ID 🙂

Sat 14th Dec - The Carnival Band w/ The Carnival Choir - A Carnival of Carols @HeathStreet

at Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead [NW3 1DN]

A Carnival of Carols

Seasonal music from one of the UKís best-loved earlymusic/folk bands. From Medieval England to ële jazz coolí via Latin rhythms and Cajun beats, The Carnival Band blend the spirit of Christmas with the spirit of celebration the world over to create a delicious Yuletide cocktail. These four musical explorers, well-known for their recordings with Maddy Prior, perform here in their own right playing a cornucopia of instruments and delighting with rich vocal harmony. Their music includes traditional carols such as I

Saw Three Shipsand The Boarís Headand new compositions ranging from the reflective (Bright Evening Star) to the comic (The Lighthouse Keeperís Christmas). The perfect start to the festive season. Suitable for all ages.

Andy Watts - flemish bagpipes, shawm, recorders, clarinet, curtal, melodica, vocals

Giles Lewin - fiddle, shawm, medieval bagpipes, recorders, vocals

Jub Davis - double bass, vocals

Steno Vitale - cittern, acoustic and electric guitar, vocals

Doors open 7pm, Music from 7.30pm

The Apothecary Bar will serve hot snacks & drinks

Tickets £15 / £12 concessions from and on the door

Fb: TheCarnivalBandEngland

T: MaddyAndTheCB

An entirely enjoyable evening

The Guardian

The band is terrific

Lancashire Evening Post


Mon 16th Dec - London 1762 - [ NewBachAbel Concert Series #3] @Fidelio

Fidelio Cafe in Farringdon [EC1R 5BX]

NewBachAbel Concert Series #3

London 1762: Bach & Abel's first concert

music by Abel, J.C.Bach, Mozart, Haydn

Johan Christian Bach

Quartet in C major W.B 58,

Quartet in A major W.B 59

Quartet in D major W.B 62

Carl Friedrich Abel

Quartet in F major WK 225

Istante Collective

Flute - Falvia Hirte

Oboe - Nicola Barbagli

Violin - Holly Harman

Viola - Cecile Ross

Cello - Harry Buckoke


This will take you to the Fidelio website

What we do

It's an experience of early music with a difference. We invite you to join us on a journey of discovery of music hundreds of years old, some rarely hear and some vaguely familiar perhaps. But it’s all fresh, honest and on the edge of the possibilities. Every concert is carefully curated and carries a story of it’s own: musicians are hand-picked, as is the food menu for each concert…food plays a very important role!  We cook real home-made meals for all our musicians and we make it available our audiences as well. Our home is in an active church who are very much a part of the festival, and help us realise our feastival of early music and food. 

Istante Collective

We are a period-instrument collective and the house band for baroquestock.

We are musically open-minded, meaning we don’t restrict ourselves to one point in time or genre, but play music that we love and are curious about. We refer to these curiosities as little things in odd shapes.

When not performing with Istante, the ensemble’s individual members appear internationally with prestigious ensembles including the the English Baroque Soloists/Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Academy of Ancient Music, Europa Galante, Concerto Italiano, Philharmonia Orchestra, English Chamber Orchestra.

Since forming in 2016, the ensemble has performed in a range of venues in the UK and abroad, including the Newbury Festival, St Stephen’s Festival of the Arts in London and Classica Aurora series in Arezzo (Italy), and was selected for the Brighton Early Music Festival Live! Scheme in 2017.

Our Debut CD - Little Things in Odd Shapes

In our first two years as the IstanteCollective we have spent a significant amount of time exploring repertoire for unusual combinations of instruments by lesser-known composers, and our first CD is the result of that journey. The music we have chosen for this project is all related to the 18th-Century concept of the Divertimento, in the true Italian meaning of the word. This was still a time when this kind of composition was considered "inferior" to the opera or the symphony, but curiously, in the case of Michael Haydn and Boccherini, it seems to allow space for greater freedom in terms of structure, scoring, and mood. Here the Divertimento remains a "balanced" conversation beetwen elegant people; each passing tempest of love lasts no more than two bars and might continue to be experienced inwardly by one of the players while the others are already in the pub drinking! At the same time, this "safe"and "controlled" context allows space for some eccentric secrets and innovative ideas which unfortunately the Romantic era, sometimes, seems to have forgotten. Lightness, which doesn't mean meaningless, seems here to be the answer to most of the problems.

As far as we know, these will be the first historically informed commercial recordings of these pieces.

L. Boccherini: Quintet Op.55 n.6 G436 for oboe, 2 violins, viola and cello

L. Boccherini: Sextet Op. 42 n.2 G467 for violin, viola, violone, oboe, horn and bassoon

M. Haydn: Divertimento MH199 for violin, viola, violone, oboe, bassoon

M. Haydn: Divertimento MH518 for viola, violone, oboe, 2 horns and bassoon.

ISTANTEcollective on classical instruments:

Beatrice Scaldini, Christiane Eidsten-Dahl: violin

Elitsa Bogdanova, Jordan Bowron, Emma Alter: viola

Kate Conway: cello

John-Henry Baker: double bass

Nicola Barbagli: oboe

Hayley Pullen: bassoon

Ursula Paludan Monberg, David Horwich: natural horn

Sound engineer: John-Henry Baker

Producer: Joseph Davies

We are very excited that our CD will be published by Novantiqua Records as part of their "Tuscania" series.


Find us!

Heath Street Baptist Church

84 Heath Street




Only 2 mins walk from Hampstead Northern Line Station!

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Past Events

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Baroquestock Festival || Fine Lines 3-10 May 2019 || Heath Street Baptist Church


Friday 3rd May 7.30pm - Rameau's DARDANUS with French Crêpes

Jonathan Williams - Conductor

Dardanus - Ed Saklatvala
Iphise - Susan Jiwey
Antenor - Ashley Mercer
Teucer / Ismenor - Peter Brooke
Une Phyrigienne - Katy Thomson
Venus - Bea Acland

Our opening night is a special collaboration with OperaVera: a concert performance of Rameau’s rarely performed opera. Step back in time 280 years for a feast of Rameau’s orchestral colour and Greek mythology in a special concert performance of the work. Embrace the french style with crêpe-in-hand. (and yes, you’re allowed to bring crêpes into the church)

6.15pm - Doors Open
6.45pm - Crêpes served
7pm - Pre-Concert Talk with Dr.Alessandra Palidda
7.30pm - Concert performance of Dardanus

Tickets: £15

Saturday 4th May 7.30pm - Mozart's roadtrip to Paris + the Michael Haydn Requiem w/Maria’s Royal Tiramisu


W.A. Mozart - Sinfonia concertante K297b for oboe, clarinet, horn , bassoon and orchestra

M. Haydn - Little chamber surprise:)

M. Haydn - Requiem in C minor MH155
"missa pro defuncto archepiscopo sigismundo"
for soli, mixed chorus and orchestra

John Andrews - Conductor
IstanteColletive + Minerva Consort

Our first classical programme of the festival offers a two juicy masterpieces. We're delighted to welcome back the brilliant conductor John Andrews and also to have the Minerva Consort as our first choir to join us at Baroquestock.


6.30pm - Doors Open

7pm - Focaccia Served & Pre-concert Talk with Dr.Alessandra Palidda

7.30pm - Concert


According to our 2019 theme - " fine lines" - we are trying to find a balance between Michael Haydn's humoristic-music-writing and his daughter's death; between Mozart's playfully wind writing (in the concertante Parisian "style") and the academic debate around the authenticity of this composition.

Michael Haydn’s Requiem was probably his biggest hit and it remained very popular after his death - Mozart definitely knew it and remembered it when he started composing his own Requiem. Michael officially composed it for the funeral of the archbishop of Salzburg in January 1772, however we have reason to believe it was inspired by the death of his own daughter a year earlier.

As is often the case with Michale Haydn, the orchestration is quite peculiar - there are no violas, but there are trumpets, trombones, timpani and continuo. There are nine movements and the soloists appear in seven of them, usually interspersed among the choral writing - which is extensive - according to the editor Charles Sherman, the “first product of Haydn's full maturity”.

We still don't know if Mozart ever wrote this Sinfonia Concertante. We have evidence to suggest he was in Paris in April 1778 and he was planning to write something for Le Gros' Concert Spirituales. At the same time four of Mozart's long-standing friends from Mannheim were in Paris (Wendling - flauto, Ramm - oboe, Ritter - Fagotto, Punto - corno)

The abscence of the manuscript has led scholars to rely on the score. The authenticity of this score has been disputed to the point that scholars considered it's credibility highly doubtful. In the score, the flute and oboe parts are replaced respectively by the oboe and the clarinet.

In a letter on the 1st May in 1778 Mozart wrote:
"Four days ago I gave the symphony to Le Gros, so he can give it to the copyist but I saw it always in the same place. The other day I didn't see it, I looked for it in between all the scores on the table and I found it that it was hidden...I mention to Le Gros about the symphony and he answered that he just forgot to have copied it. then I went to the concert where it was supposed to be performed, Ramm and Punto asked me, agitated, why the piece wasn't being played, and I had to say that I didn't know anything about it...I think that the problem is Cambini, an Italian master who is here and who, unintentionally, I overshadowed during our first encounter with Le Gros"

Finished off with a classic digestif-dessert from Michael’s mother. 

Soloists for Sinfonia Concertante:
Nicola Barbagli - Oboe
Emily Worthington - Clarinet
Dave Horwich - Horn
Inga Maria Klaucke - Bassoon

​V​iolins​ || ​Rachel Stroud​ || ​Ada Witczyk​ || ​Joanna Lawrence
Jenna Sherry​ || ​Salomé Rateau​ || ​Sophie Simpson
​Violas || Cecile Ross​ || ​Joanna Patrick
​C​ellos​ || ​Gavin Kibble​ || ​Kate Conway
​B​ass​ || ​Rosie Moon
​O​boes​ || ​Leo Duarte​ || ​Oonagh Lee
Horns​ ||​ Daniel de Souza​ || ​Anna Drysdale
​T​rumpets​ || ​Peter Mankarious​ || ​Chris Parsons

Minerva Consort

Susan Andrews, Mike Attwood, Alex Brett, Peter Brooke (solo), Sally Burlington, Tom Chippendale, Eleanor Franzén (solo), John Graham, Ethan Hockley-Webster, Andrew Horn, Rachel  Keeling, Thalie Knights (solo), Alex Pidgen (solo), Eleanor Rashid (solo), Christophe Rhodes, Isla Stanger (solo), David Toynbee

Sunday 5th May, 6pm - BeerBachFocaccia#1


Bach - Cantata BWV104
Zelenka - triosonata n.1 in F for 2 oboes, basson and continuo
(as part of our Zelenka Marathon at Baroquestock 2019 #1)
Telemann - Paris quartet
Lully - Suite from Phaeton

Patrick Ayrton - Conducting from harpsichord
 - IstanteCollective -

Sylvie Gallant || Soprano
Aurore Lacabe || Alto
David De Winter || Tenor
Peter Brooke || Bass


Violins: Louise Ayrton || Salomé Rateau || Elise Dupont
Violas: Samoon Kennedy || Cecile Ross
cello: Kate Conway
gamba: Alice Trocellier
oboes: Nicola Barbagli || Bethan White
Basson: Inga Maria Klaucke
bass: John-Henry Baker
Theorbo: Sergio Bucheli

Come at 11am to hear Cantsata BWV 104 "You Shepherd of Israel, hear!" written specifically for the second Sunday after Easter, during the morning service. As every year Ewan King will host our band and offer this special service to Heath Street Baptist Church community.

Come back at 6pm, for some drinks, homemade delicious focaccia, and hear again Bach cantata in a concert version conducted by Patrick Ayrton who arranged also Telemann paris quartet in the programme.

Zelenka Marathon will also start! we aiming to perform all 6 Zelenka famous triosonatas across the week, the other dates will be 7th , 8th and 12th may - check the programme on our website!!

But...we can't resist finishing our first festival Sunday with Lully's dancing music performing a selection of airs (sung by Sylvie Gallant!) and dances form can't really miss one of the best chaconne ever written!


Tuesday 7th May, 1pm - The Zelenka Marathon Lunchtime Special

Zelenka Marathon # 2:

Sonata No.4 in G minor

No.3 in Bb major

No.6 in C minor


We invite you to catch at least two of Zelenka’s sonatas in this lunchtime concert special. This is part of the weekly lunchtime concert series which carries on almost every week throughout the year at the church. Free entry with retiring collection, no tickets necessary.

Wednesday 8th May, 7pm - Moving Soundworlds Feat.The Telling & Airborne Extended

Midweek Triple Special: Moving Soundworlds

The Telling
Airborne Extended


6pm - Doors Open
6.30pm - Focaccia served!
7pm - The Telling 
8pm - Zelenka #3
8.30pm - Airborne Extended

Our mid-week concert features a triple-bill, including two groups playing music both far older and newer than our usual baroque/classical sound worlds:


The Telling present Women Mystics at Twilight: the mesmerising music of medieval Abbess Hildegard of Bingen and haunting medieval music from England with poetry by local poet Sarah Law inspired by Hildegard and English mystics Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich (and her imagined conversation with Sufi mystic and poet Rumi).

Sarah Law || poet
Clare Norburn || soprano
Ariane Prussner || mezzo & medieval harp    


Zelenka Marathon TrioSonata No.2 in Gminor
for 2 oboes, Bassoon & Continuo

Oboes || Nicola Barbagli || Leo Duarte
Bassoon || Inga Maria Klaucke
Harpsichord || Lucie Chabard
Violone || Jan Robert Zahourek

Airborne Extended

 Ensemble Airborne Extended join us from Austria where they are part of the prestigious Austrian NASOM program. They have commissioned several pieces which all retain at least one element of the western baroque/classical tradition, but explore different sound worlds of electro-acoustic contemporary music. Includes a world premier by Ioannis Papadopoulos. 

Elena Gabbrielli || Flutes
Sonja Leipold || Harpsichord/Keyboard
Caroline Mayrhofer Recorders/Paetzold || Tina Žerdin Harp

Special thanks to The Austrian Cultural Forum for their support of Airborne Extended

Thursday 9th May, 7.30pm - BaRock: Root & Routes of the North

“Stories mixed with the music insired by the folk traditions they had."

Going North:
Ensemble Freithoff

6.30pm - Doors Open
7pm - Food served!
7.30pm - Concert starts

In this double bill we explore the finer lines between the oral traditions of folk music and compositions attributed to particular composers. Musicians often travelled extensively, and in doing so picked up melodies and musical ideas from far and wide, yet publicised and sold their compositions on the basis that they were the rightful owners. 
Special guests Freithoff Ensemble join us from Norway to present baroque music which is certainly virtuosic and original, yet is very difficult to know where this came from exactly - perhaps it was Norwegian first, or Scandinavian first, or maybe it travelled up from somewhere else entirely…We continue with our resident ensemble exploring the fine line between the musical backgrounds of European travellers meeting the folk dance traditions which they encountered, using some of the original compositions as well as famous historical dance collections such as Playford, Vikers as well as Swedish dance. Featuring a wide range of instruments from Mandolin in Naples to Nickeharp in Sweden. 
Ensemble Freithoff:
Caroline Eidsten Dahl - Recorder
Christiane Eidsten Dahl - Violin
Kate Conway - Cello
Jadran Duncumb - Theorbo and guitar
Nicola Barbagli - accordion - recorders , oboe and arrangments
John-Henry Baker - double bass and percussion
Joanna Lawrence - violin
Gabi Maas - violin and Nickelharpe
Cherry Forbes- oboes, recorders
Andy Watss - bassoon, recorders
Richard Tuncliffe - Cello and Mandolin

Friday 10th May, from 6pm - The Big JACKET POTATO Ceilidh


Our flagship ceilidh where everyone lets their hair down for a good old fashioned dance. Calling from the very excellent Alexis Bennett and ISTAnteFolk. Bring friends/family or come and make new ones. Be assured of a heartwarming Jacket Potatoes with the toppings you like best. Suitable for all ages. Jacket Potato included with ticket.

£5 Kids / £8  Concs / £10 Adults / £25 Family ticket

Saturday 11th May, 7.30pm - LittleThingsInOddShapes

- A subscription concert with IstanteCollective and friends -
featuring soloists Mr. Pawel Siwczak & Miss. Hilary Cronin
& composers W.A.Mozart, J&M.Haydn, L.Boccherini, J Davies

6.30pm - Doors Open

7pm - Focaccia Served & Pre-Concert Talk 

7.30pm - Concert Starts

The organisers of the ''Little Thing in Odd Shapes'' subscription series present an entertaining and varied programme of fashionable musicks for the patrons of the subscription series. The organisers have invited the most SPLENDID Soprano of international renown Miss HILARY CRONIN who will sing arias which are certain to be HIGHLY PLEASING to all gentlemen and ladies alike. The concert will also feature the reputedly MESMERISING soloist from POLAND - Mr. PAWEL SIWCZAK - who we are very fortunate to hear on his international tour. Other repertoire will include popular chamber music by Mr. Wolfgang A Mozart and Mr. Joseph Haydn, as well as some more EXOTIC music by Mr.Luigi Boccherini and some INNOVATIVE works Mr. Michael Haydn (younger brother of the afformentioned Mr. Joseph Haydn) There will also be the opportunity to hear musicks from the soon-to-be-released sonic records[on the new technological advance, the so-called COMPACT DISC] by the IstanteCollective. The evening will also feature some NEW VARIATIONS for a very familiar tune, by young and ambitious composer Mr. JOSEPH DAVIES which will be put to the test: Patrons will be asked for their vote in the interest of continuing a popular and favorable programme. There will be also for sale: special wild TONICS from our Baroquestock Apothecary, house ALES and exotic FOCACCIA from Italy. As is often the custom in our Baroquestock concerts, there will be a pre-concert talk by our Doctor of Music, Alessandra Palidda. 

This could have been 1779, but we are at Heath Street Baptist Church in 2019.


M.Haydn - Andante and Allegro from Sextet in G for oboe, viola, bassoon, 2 horns and violone
L.Boccherini - Allegro ma non presto from sextet in E flat for oboe, bassoon, horn, violin, viola and violone
J.Haydn - "Infelice Sventurata" for Soprano and Orchestra Hob.Xxivb:15
Aria di rosina (wirtten as insert for "I due supposti conti")

W.A.Mozart - "Nehmt Meinen Dank" K 383 concert aria for Soprano and Orchestra.
Beethoven - Allegro from trio op.87 (arranged for 3 violas)
W.A.Mozart. - Minuet form Violin Sonata E minor K.304
F.Schubert - An die Musik D.547
L.Boccherini - Allegro and Minuet from Sextuor in Bb for Oboe, Bassoon and String Quartet.
W.A.Mozart - Fortepiano Concerto in Eb K 271 "Jeunehomme"

J.Haydn / Joseph Davies - New and Old variations on a Birthday Theme.


Violins || Ellen Bundy || Claudia Norz || Christiane Eidsten Dahl || Salomé Rateau || Simone Pirri || Naomi Burrell
Violas || Elitsa Borisova Bogdanova || Emma Alter || Dan Shilladay
Cellos || Gavin Kibble || Kate Conway
Double Bass || John-Henry Baker
Flute || Eva Caballero
Oboes || Nicola Barbagli || Leo Duarte
Bassoon || Inga Maria Klaucke
Horns || Ursula Paludan Monberg || Dave Horwich

Fortepiano || Pawel Siwczak
Soprano || Hilary Cronin

Pre-Concert Talk || Dr. Alessandra Palidda

“Pawel Siwczak had us all gasping with amazement at his range and virtuosity – and stamina.” Planet Hugill

Sunday 12th May, 6pm - BachBeerFocaccia

Bach BWV 12 + Zelenka +Telemann + Thurlow + Zelenka
Chad Kelly - Directing from Harpsichord

5pm - Doors Open
5.30pm - The Focaccia is served!
6pm - Concert Starts

J,S,Bach - Cantata BWV 12 "Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen"
J.D.Zelenka - triosonata n.5 in f major for 2oboes , basson and continuo Zwv181
(this is part of Zelenka Marathon at Baroquestock 2019 #4)
G.Ph.Telemann - double recorder concerto in A minor
Jeremy Thurlow - "ladder of the escaping eye" (world premiere)
J.D.Zelenka - Hypocondrie a 7, ZWV187

Our final Concert for the 2019 baroquestock edition!
"THIS IS A FINE LINE” ...which generally means, don't cross it!
There are always fine lines, in friendship, work, love...also in music...but who decides where these fine lines are? A thought, an action, an idea, a behaviour, a temptation...when are we before and when are we after the LINE? Generally, the “common sense” or the cultural atmosphere rules the place where the line is. Sometimes is a limit, sometimes it's an aim to achieve, sometimes it's a moral compass.
But some good ideas might have been too far (or too close!) to the LINE and therefore have been forgotten along the way: some colour, some sensations, some feelings, some surprised faces!
Zelenka was probably a bit too much even for his contemporaries, the Nickelharpe was a dead instrument re-invented in modern times; Bach almost never left his homecountry and he certainly didn't imagine his music being so relevant and inclusive for people 300 years later.
Purcell probably died in pub, which was probably his most natural habitat and the same place where he might have heard an hornpipe or a jig played by an folk fiddle player, and then notated it in a scketch book...wrongly!
Funnily enough there was a tune, a french burrè, that another folk fiddler travelling from France to Germany played to Praetorius, who certainly didn't know anyone from Scotland...
Two brothers - one is the father of the Symphony, Quartets and Oratorios(Mr. J Haydn), the other one has an incredible taste for odd combination of instruments (Mr.M Haydn). Boccherini also had an appetite for 'strange' instrument combinations. The Haydns in Salzburg and Boccherini in Spain, but despite their common interests they have never met each other...
Was baroque music just performed in Paris, London, Rome and Dresden? It's seems reasonable to consider the people in the far north had some musical ideas too, and perhaps beautiful ones..
Do you think we can re-invent our standard definition of Early Music repertoire? Can we play a bit with it? Some contemporany composer might have good ideas on how our copies of original instruments could still live longer....

Chad Matthias Kelly || Director
Flauti D'echo || Tabea Debus and Olwen Foulkes

Soprano || Hilary Cronin
Alto || Daniel René Sagstuen Sæther
Tenor || David De Winter
Bass || Peter Brooke

Violins || Claudia Norz || Christiane Eidsten Dahl || Naomi Burrell || Ellen Bundy
Violas || Cecile Ross || Sam Kennedy
Cello || Kate Conway
Bass || John-Henry Baker
Oboes || Nicola Barbagli || Oonagh Lee
Bassoon || Inga Maria Klaucke

Home-Cooked Food at every concert || CAKES || Pre-Concert talks
Orchestra treasure hunt || Much more!

Zelenka Marathon!

Six Triosonatas over Four concerts!

Sunday 5th May 6pm
BACHBeerFocaccia #1 concert
Sonata n.1 in F major

Buy tickets from £10

Tuesday 7th May 1pm
Zelenka Lunchtime Special!
Sonata n. 4 in G minor
Sonata n. 3 in Bflat Major (the only one for violin and oboe!)
Sonata n. 6 in C minor

(FREE ENTRY with retiring collection!)

Wednesday 8th May 7pm
Moving Soundworlds Feat.The Teling + Airborne Extended

Sonata.2 in G minor

Buy tickets from £10

Sunday 12th May 6pm
BachBeerFocaccia #2(Final Concert)
Sonata n.5 in F major

Buy tickets from £10

This is probably the most crazy project of our 2019 edition!
We are aiming to perform the whole set of 6 triosonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon and continuo ZWV181
Jan Dismas Zelenka was definitly a composer that liked to "live" and "compose" on a - fine line -....mad music? endless way of music wiritngs? technically unplayable?
The most common comments about Zelenka music are:

This guy doesn't know when to stop!

please come, get a piece of our homemade focaccia and tell us what you think !

The oboe and basson writing is pushed towards the extreme possibilities of those instruments...For this reason we have put together an amazing group of friends ready for the challenge, who will try to deliver this visionary music in the most light and powerful manner!


Oboes: Nicola Barbagli || Leo Duarte || Oonagh Lee
Joel Raymond || Bethan Withe || James Eastway
Bassoons: Inga Maria Klaucke || Giovanni Battista Graziadio
Violin: Mark Seow
Harpsichords: Satoko Doi-Luck || Lucie Chabard || Chad Matthias Kelly || Patrick Ayrton
Double Bass: John Henry Baker || Hannah J M Clarke || Jan Robert Zahourek || Giuseppe Ciraso-Calì
Theorbo: Sergio Bucheli

BUY A ZELENKA PASS to see the whole marathon - Possibly the most [musical] quavers you will ever buy with £25!

Otherwise tickets from £10 (online only!) or £12 on the door.
Note that 7th May concert is FREE ENTRY with retiring collection (all the income will be donated to our oboists for buying new reeds...!!:))

World Premieres!

At Baroquestock we are doing mainly 'early music', but we thought that our "old" instruments could also inspire modern composers - so we are glad to have three little world premieres spread around the festival week.

Wednesday 9th May - NeoHIP Triple Bill
feat. The Telling and Airborne Extended

As part of this concert Vienna based ensemble Airborne Extended will perform a new composition by Brazilian composer Ioannis Papadopulos.

Ioannis Papadopoulos

Born in São Paulo (Brazil), Ioannis Papadopoulos studied composition, Harmony and counterpoint at the new conservatory of Thessaloniki (Greece) and graduated in 2001. In 2002 he moved to Cologne (Germany) where he took composition lessons with Steingrimur Rohloff and Vassos Nicolaou. Thereinafter he moved to Stuttgart in 2003 and entered at the "Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst" studying composition and music theory with Prof. Marco Stroppa. in 2005 Ioannis Papadopoulos studied composition, music theory and music pedagogics at the "Hochschule für Musik Hamburg" with Prof. Manfred Stahnke. During his studies he took part in various workshops and master-classes amongst others with Wolfgang Rihm, Philippe Manouri, Helmut Lachenmann, Mario Garuti, Kaija Saariaho und Adriana Hölszky,George Aperghis . Furthermore he holds a scholarship of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

At the "3RD WORKSHOP OF CONTEMPORARY MUSIC", taking place in Thessaloniki in mai 2009, he won the first price with his composition for chamber ensemble (for septet) "Montage II".His Quintet piece "Montage I " was selected to be performed at the International Conference on Contemporary Music IC[CM] 2010 which took place in La Coruña. In 2015 his orchestral piece "Ios" was performed by the Hamburger Symphoniker conducted by Ulrich Windfuhr. He has received commissionsfor festivals like (Musica, NDR das neue werk, Hamburger Klangwerktage, Ensembliana,Brücken) performed by (Ensemble Intégrales, Ensemble 21, Ensemble DissonArt, Ensemble s21, Ensemble Neue Musik im Ostseeraum,Ensemble Reconsil) in different countries (Germany, Austria, Spain, England,France).

Saturday 11th May - Little Things in Odd Shapes:

A subscription concert with IstanteCollective

 Welsh composer Joseph Davies is preparing a musical surprise for the end of this concert - perhaps a variation on a birthday tune...but you'll need to come along to discover it!

Joseph Davies

Joseph Davies was born in Cardiff in 1987. His works have been performed and broadcast throughout Europe and the USA. Commissions include Intricate Images for harpist Catrin Finch and cellist Steffan Morris, Echoes on poems by Hart Crane for baritone Jeremy Huw Williams premiered in New Orleans in 2015, and an orchestral song cycle The Shortest Day for the BBC National Orchestra of Wales setting specially written texts by former Archbishop of Canterbury and poet Dr Rowan Williams to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster in October 2016. He has also collaborated with singer-songwriter Meilyr Jones on his prize-winning album 2013 released in 2016 on Moshi Moshi and Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose for the Tate Britain in 2017, and with Baxter Dury on his album Prince of Tears released on Heavenly Recordings the same year. Also in 2017 his wind orchestra piece Anemoi was nominated for a BASCA British Composer Award and he was awarded the Sir Geraint Evans Prize by the Welsh Music Guild. Joseph studied with Robert Saxton at Oxford and Gary Carpenter at the Royal Academy of Music. Previous collaborators have included CHROMA Ensemble, EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble and the Esbjerg Ensemble (Denmark), and work for the Brighton Soundwaves festival, Lake District Summer Music Festival, Tête-à-Tête Opera and Size Zero Opera. He has been an LSO Soundhub Associate since 2017. Joseph has been a lecturer in composition at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama since 2013. His work is published by Chester Music. He lives in London.

Sunday 12th May - BachBeerFocaccia#2 

Flauti D'echo (Tabea Debus and Olwen Foulkes)
will premiere Jeremy Thurlow's

Ladder of the escaping eye for two recorders (2019) 

specifically written for them.

Formed by recorder players Tabea Debus and Olwen Foulkes, Flauti d’echo create repertoire for the recorder through their own arrangements of fifteenth-eighteenth century music and new commissions. Most regularly collaborating with Benedict Williams, the ensemble engages a variety of different instrumentalists on a project-to-project basis that allows them to communicate their wide range of repertoire to audiences in multiple performance settings. Flauti d’echo were participants of the BREMF Live! Scheme 2017-18 and won the Nancy Nuttal Early Music Prize for Chamber music in 2016. They are the ‘Take Note’ ensemble for Chiltern Arts Festival 2019.



Jonathan Williams

Friday 3rd May - Dardanus w/ crêpes

Jonathan Williams is a conductor, composer and musicologist. Equally at home performing live or in the studio, he has conducted such groups as the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, English Chamber Orchestra and BBC Concert Orchestra, and his work at Abbey Road can be heard on NOVELLO and BAFTA award-winning soundtracks with sales of over 70 million copies. A former professor at GSMD, Jonathan teaches Orchestration at Oxford where he is the Director of College Music at St Hilda’s College.

In 2012 Jonathan founded The Rameau Project, a major multidisciplinary research project devoted to the operas of Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764). He has subsequently given the première of his Bärenreiter edition of Rameau’s Anacréon (1754) with Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, organised two Rameau conferences, made the first UK studio recording of a Rameau opera since 1980, given numerous radio broadcasts, organised dance workshops in the UK and Paris, and performed with eighteenth-century choreography Zaïs, Pigmalion and Anacréon at London’s South Bank, all with the OAE. Most recently, Jonathan has conducted fully staged productions of Les fêtes d’Hébé at the Opéra de Bastille and the Royal College of Music and Dardanus with English Touring Opera.

John Andrews

Saturday 4th May - Mozart's roadtrip to Paris + M.Haydn's Requiem w/Tiramisù

A ‘tremendous young conductor’ (The Observer)

John Andrews is Principal Guest Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra, Conductor-in-Assocation with the English Symphony Orchestra, whom he conducts regularly at the English Music Festival. He has conducted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and concerts in 2018-19 include the 2018 International Composers Festival, the Bridgewater Hall with the Manchester Concert Orchestra, and the London Handel Festival with the Brook Street Band, the Malcolm Arnold Festival and Baroquestock.

‘One of our liveliest, most elegant and talented bel canto conductors’ (Opera Now)

His performances of Donizetti’s Pia de’ Tolomei for English Touring Opera, were praised for his ‘highly cultured, shapely and pressing direction… ’ whilst Bachtrack described his interpretation of Lucia di Lammermoor as ‘faultless’. Recent credits include Humperdinck’s Hänsel und Gretel with the Young Artists of Garsington Opera, Die Entführung aus dem Serail for the Rostock Volkstheater, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for Opera Holland Park. In 2018 and 2019 he returns to English Touring Opera for Rossini’s Elisabetta, regina d’Inghilterra, and Il segreto di Susanna for Opera Holland Park.

‘Conductor John Andrews kept it racing along, finding the light, shade and sexiness of Mozart’s score – I’ve never heard an orchestra sound quite so hot-to-trot…’ (Birmingham Post)

John is currently making a series of world-premiere recordings with the BBC Concert Orchestra, BBC Singers, BBC Symphony Chorus and The Brook Street Band for Dutton Epoch and EM-Records. The first of these – Sullivan’s Music for Macbeth and The Tempest – was named a Disc of the Year in The Sunday Times, described by Hugh Canning as ‘pure delight’. Future releases include Arne’s The Judgment of Paris, and Sullivan’s Haddon Hall and The Martyr of Antioch.

“…it is a pleasure to have this rarity so skilfully done. John Andrews shows himself once again the ideal Savoy conductor, directing with a light hand that conjures affectionate results from his BBC forces…” (Opera Magazine)

His gift for combining empathy and feel for both music and musicians with an ability to directly and powerfully communicate his ideas, together with his passion for locating music in its social and historical context, brings dynamism and warmth to his interpretations of both rare and classic repertoire.

Patrick Aryton

Sunday 5th May - BachBeerFocaccia #1

Patrick Ayrton divides his time between performance on a variety of keyboards and his work as a conductor. He studied organ and sacred music at the Vienna Academy where he was a pupil of Alfred Mitterhofer, Michael Radulescu and Erwin Ortner. Later, he moved to The Netherlands where he followed courses in harpsichord and chamber music under the guidance of Ton Koopman. He was a laureate of the Organ Competitions at Innsbruck in 1983 and Bruges in 1985. Patrick Ayrton currently teaches thorough-bass, chamber music and improvisation at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. He has been a tutor for the European Union Baroque Orchestra audition courses and has given masterclasses at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory and Gnessin School in Moscow, the Yonsei University of Seoul, the Latvian Academy in Riga and the Summer School of the Salzburg Mozarteum. Patrick Ayrton is the central figure in a documentary film based on “Tregian’s Ground”, a prize-winning novel by the Swiss writer Anne Cuneo. His association and collaboration with the Dutch conductor Arie van Beek has led him to develop his skills as a music director.

In recent years, he has received invitations to conduct orchestras of repute such as the Orchestra of the Auvergne, the Chamber Academy of Potsdam, the Dijon-Bourgogne Orchestra, the Pasdeloup Orchestra in Paris, the Nordic Chamber Orchestra (Sweden), the Symphony Orchestra of Cannes, the Latvian Radio Choir, the Chamber Orchestra of Munich or the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. Patrick Ayrton is also the founder of the Les Inventions, a period ensemble which explores uncharted 18th century repertoire, such as the works of Joseph Touchemoulin and Thomas Linley. Les Inventions work in close partnership with acclaimed British vocal ensemble VOCES8. Patrick Ayrton is also known for his pre-concert talks and is a regular lecturer. From 2004 to 2016, he was artistic director of the Bach en Combrailles Festival in France. In the season 2016-17, he conducted the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra in a cycle of 6 concerts featuring Baroque, Classical and Neo-Classical repertoire.

Chad Kelly

Sunday 12th May - BachBeerFocaccia #2

Chad enjoys a rich and diverse career as a keyboard specialist and​ ​director, spanning genres from historically-informed performance and​ ​chamber music, to opera and musical theatre.

Increasingly in demand in the world of opera and theatre, he has been​ ​involved as a musical director, assistant and répétiteur for over thirt​yproductions in the past several years. He is currently on the music staff​ ​at the Bayerische Staatsoper, having previously held posts at English​ ​National Opera and the Royal Academy of Music. He was a Musical Director​ ​for the Olivier Award-nominated West End production of Farinelli and the​ ​King with Mark Rylance and Iestyn Davies, as well as the Off West End​ ​award-winning production of The Blank Canvas, for King’s Head Opera. He​ ​has also been a musical director at The Globe’s Sam Wanamaker Theatre,​ ​Göttingen Handel Festival,​ ​the London Handel Festival, Vienna’s Resonanzen​ ​​​Festival and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, where he​ ​will return to conduct in 2019. Equally adept in the world of contemporary​ opera, recent highlights include working on the world-premiere of Thomas​ ​Adés' opera The Exterminating Angel at the Salzburg Festival, as well as​ ​workshopping a number of new operas commissioned by the Royal Opera House.

Chad is fast building a reputation as a formidable continuo player and as​ ​a director in the world of historically-informed performance. He has​ ​toured as a duo partner with​ ​performers such as Rachel Podger and Alison​ ​Balsom and built close working relationships with conductors such as​ ​Trevor Pinnock and John Eliot Gardiner. He acts as principal continuo​ ​player for the groups Solomon’s Knot and Opera Settecento and was a​​co-founder of Eloquenza, a period-instrument ensemble which enjoyed a busy​ ​performing schedule in the UK and abroad, combined with a residency at the​ ​historic church of St. Anne’s, Kew. As the Director of Music at St.​​Anne’s, Chad was responsible​ ​for three independent choirs, coordinating a​ ​successful weekly recital series, and overseeing the general musical life​ ​of the church.

Before leaving Chetham’s School of Music, Chad became a Licentiate of the​ ​Royal Schools of Music and a Fellow of the Royal College of organists. He​ ​went on to study​ ​music at Girton College, Cambridge, where he was Organ​ ​Scholar. He graduated with Double First Class Honours as well as achieving​ ​the highest mark recorded in the​ ​University’s history in Practical​ ​Musicianship. From 2013-2017, Chad held the post of Lector in Music at​ ​Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was academic supervisor to the​ ​undergraduate students. Chad continued post-graduate studies at the Royal​ ​Academy of Music, London, where he was awarded the coveted DipRAM. In 2017​ ​he was elected as an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music in​ ​recognition of his significant contribution to the music profession.  



Bea Acland - Soprano

Friday 3rd May - Dardanus [Venus]

Beatrice Acland is an English soprano currently based in London. In July 2017 Beatrice graduated from the MA Opera performance course at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama with merit. Previous to this Beatrice completed her Mmus Vocal performance degree from the same conservatoire and was awarded the EA Redman prize for excellence in interpretation. Beatrice is an alumnus of the prestigious Georg Solti Accademia di Bel Canto.​

Recent operatic engagements include Micaëla and FrasquitaCarmen Rogue Opera, Donna Elivra (cover, performed) Don Giovanni British Youth Opera, Iris Semele Mid Wales Opera, Eight soprano roles (cover,performed) English Eccentrics British Youth Opera, Zhou Kommilitonen! The Welsh National Youth Opera conducted by Alice Farnham, Alice Ford Falstaff RWCMD conducted by Carlo Rizzi and Countess (cover, performed) Le Nozze di Figaro RWCMD. In November 2017 Beatrice performed alongside Sir Bryn Terfel and Rebecca Evans in the Liverpool Philharmonic's production of Falstaff under the baton of Vasily Petrenko. Highlights in opera scenes work include performing the role of Tatyana in Act 3 of Eugene Onegin with the Welsh National Opera orchestra and the role of Cecily in excerpts from Barry The Importance of Being Earnest in a joint project with RWCMD and Music Theatre Wales. Beatrice is looking forward to covering Donna Elvira in Longborough Festival Opera’s production of Don Giovanni later this year.​

Peter Brooke  - Baritone

Friday 3rd May - Dardanus [Teucer / Ismenor] || Sunday 5th May - BeerBachFocaccia#1 || Sunday 12th May - BeerBachFocaccia #2

Bass-Baritone Peter Brooke started out as a chorister at Warwick and went on to sing as a choral scholar at Cambridge. Peter now studies with Robert Dean and holds a position at the Guard's Chapel in Westminster.  He has worked with a number of opera companies including Grange Park Opera, Iford Arts, Dartington Festival Opera and Opéra de Baugé. Recent and forthcoming roles include Figaro, Leporello, Balstrode, Claggart, Marcello and Fasolt. Peter is also a busy consort and oratorio soloist in and around London. Recent performances include Handel’s ‘Jephtha’ and Brahms’ Requiem for Bath Choral Society and Vaughan Williams’ ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ at St John, Smith’s Square to mark the centenary of Armistice Day.
For more details see

Hilary Cronin - Soprano

Sunday 12th May - BeerBachFocaccia #2

Hilary Cronin is a London-based soprano. She read Music at Royal Holloway University of London where she was awarded the Driver Prize for Excellence in Performance and the Dame Felicity Lott Bursary. Hilary then trained at Trinity Laban Conservatoire. Hilary has appeared in many operatic productions, including covering roles for English Touring Opera in their 2016 Autumn season. More recently, Hilary played the lead in The Boatswain's Mate at Grimeborn with Spectra Ensemble, and the role of Grilletta in Haydn's Lo Speziale with Baroquestock Opera.

Hilary is an experienced ensemble singer and performs with the Monteverdi Choir, London Voices, St Martin's Voices, Erebus Ensemble, and Mogens Dahl Kammerkor. Hilary is in demand as an oratorio soloist and is a regular soprano at St Bartholomew-the-Great. Upcoming engagements include Benvenuto Cellini with the Monteverdi Choir and performances of Mass in Blue with the Will Todd Ensemble.

David De Winter - Tenor


Sunday 5th May - BeerBachFocaccia#1


Sylvie Gallant - Soprano

Sunday 5th May - BeerBachFocaccia#1

French-Canadian Soprano, Sylvie now lives in London. After a degree in music, Sylvie went on to study opera at McGill University in Montréal and on the English National Opera performance programme. Her classical singing career has since flourished alongside a lifelong love of physical theatre, clowning, theatre and modern dance.  As well as workshops with Complicité, Philippe Gaulier, Clod Ensemble and contemporary dance classes at the Laban Centre and The Place, Sylvie has been a member of Experience Vocal Dance Company.

Recent opera highlights include: Gretel in Hansel & Gretel (‘Lively, charming performance’ by Sylvie Gallant - Opera Magazine), Dido in Dido and Aeneas (‘Gallant’s voice lends her despairing queen a youthfulness but also a lightness that Purcell’s writing happily accommodates’ - New Statesman), Semele in Händel's Semele, Eurydice and Diana in Offenbach's Orfée aux Enfers, Ilia in Idomeneo, Susanna in Le Nozze di Figaro, Gilda in Rigoletto, Giulietta in I Capuleti e i Montecchi. She has also performed L'enfant in L'enfant et les sortilèges and recently, Noémie (stepsister) in Massenet’s Cendrillon in France, conducted by Paul McGrath, and Junon in Orphée aux enfers and Ilia in Idomeneo at Opera de Baugé.

New opera: Mrs Purcell in Purcell: His Ground by David Knotts (Royal Opera House, Clore Studio), soprano in an installation at the Hayward Gallery and the protagonist Irina in the award-winning Two Caravans by Ace McCarron and Guy Harries, directed by Vincent van den Elshout. Recently, Sylvie worked in an Open Space residency in Aldeburgh with Hanbury & Groves. As an actor, roles include: Gwendolyn in The Importance of Being Earnest; the eponymous role in The Woman in Black (West End); physical theatre production of The Wind in the Willows; an all-female Ubu Roi (Courtyard Theatre). Sylvie has also been cast in several film and TV roles. 

In concert, as a soloist, staged versions of The Messiah and Pergolesi's Stabat Mater. Soloist for Orff's Carmina Burana in Amsterdam, Fauré’s Requiem and Bach's St Matthew Passion, and, this June, as the soloist in Mendelssohn's Psalm 42 and Dvorak's Mass in D in Paris. A keen recitalist, Sylvie has a vast repertoire of songs, mélodies and lieder. Currently: touring a Debussy recital; staged production of Schumann’s Liederkreis op.39. Sylvie also often performs for events, galas and ceremonies. ​

Sylvie is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Opera in Space ('The Company is lithe, young and inventive.' - The Observer).

More Coming Soon...


Dardanus - Ed Saklatvala
Iphise - Susan Jiwey
Antenor - Ashley Mercer
Une Phyrigienne - Katy Thomson

Sunday 5th May - BeerBachFocaccia#1

Aurore Lacabe || Alto

Sunday 12th May - BeerBachFocaccia #2

Alto | Daniel René Sagstuen Sæther
Tenor | David De Winter
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