Off The Road

On the road we go at an average speed of 67mph.
Off the road we use bikes, skateboards, Fiat 500. Ah, also the hot air balloon.

On the road you have modern strings, iPads and keys;
Off the road one crook for each tonality, beeswax and a handwritten score.

To go from A to B there is generally a very comfy straight road, a motorway or a high speed train ... but you can also go off the road and stop at Nico's Deli (your favorite local cafe), chat to the very 'chatty' neighbour, at the secondhand shop, at John-Henry's printing shop to pick up some prints.
You might even have time to think if what you are looking for it's actually what you are experiencing.

Eventually, you will still get from A to B...and ice-cream is definitely better in the local shop than in a city chain.

Going from A to B, off the road, with a good soundtrack, we will gather a group of friends, music lovers, historical musicians, curious jazz players, nerd keyboardists, crazy singers... After 5 years Baroquestock is a community.
We don't aim to teach something to anyone...but we aim to not leave friends behind.
Off the road you can miss the train, because you will have all day to get to your '’final destination’'.

On the road there might be the excitement of the arrival destination, or the smell of planned adventures.
Off the road you might meet old friends, have time for a nap after lunch, or time to put order in your thoughts.

Please come OFF THE ROAD.

* * * * *

Kindly supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in London
In collaboration with FILL Productions, Baroquestock & Heath Street Arts
Istante Collective ~ resident band

Handmade Italian focaccia and drinks available at all concerts.

All the concerts at Heath Street Baptist Church, NW3 1DN
All events include a pre-concert talk beginning 20mins before advertised concert times, given by Dr.Alessandra Palidda (Oxf Brookes)

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Would you like to Suppport us?

All proceeds will be passed on to the musicians who are taking part in this festival.

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