summe chamber concert series-02

Monday, 7th June, 2021 || 7:30 PM

We will start our summer travels on 7th June with some baroque classics, such as Telemann's trios and Lully’s dances written for Moliere’s Bourgeois Gentilhomme. The sweet and passionate Mancini’s recorder sonata will bring us to Naples for then coming back “home” with Bach’s organ trio sonatas trio sonatas, presented in an arrangement for oboe, viola and continuo.

G.Ph.Telemann - Triosonata in C minor TWV42:c5 for oboe, viola, continuo
J.B.Lully - suites and dances from les Bourgeois Gentilhomme
Mancini - sonata n.1 in D minor for recorder and continuo
J.S.Bach - organ trio sonata in C Bwv529 for oboe, viola and continuo

Istante Collective

oboe/recorders: Nicola Barbagli
viola: Elitsa Bogdanova
cello: Alex Rolton
theorbo/guitar: Johan Lofving
harpsichord: Sean Heath


Saturday,12th June, 2021 || 7:30 PM

Most of Mozart’s chamber music featuring wind solo instruments was written under commision or inspired by a specific player/virtuoso. To F.Rahm, court oboist in Munich, Mozart dedicated his famous and brilliant oboe quartet. As a specular story we decided to pair Mozart’s quartet with an unusual arrangement of Haydn’s quartet op.50 n.5 for oboe and string trio by F.Rosinack. He was another court oboist, this time in the remote Donaueschingen. He arranged for his colleagues and himself a huge amount of Haydn and Mozart chamber music which originally didn’t include the oboe.

F.J.Haydn - quartet in F op.50n.5 HobIII:48
(version for oboe and string trio by F.Rosinack)
L.Boccherini -trio for violin, viola and cello in D op.14 n.4 G98
W.A.Mozart - quartet for oboe, violin, viola and cello in F K370

Istante Collective
oboe: Nicola Barbagli
violin: Gabi Jones
viola: Elitsa Bogdanova
cello: Alex Rolton


Friday, 25th June, 2021 || 7:30 PM

On 25th June we will travel between France and Germany. On one side Bach’s intimate soprano solo cantata 'Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Glücke' BWV84, performed by soprano Hilary Cronin; on the other F.Couperin Concert royaux.

The bridge between the two will be, once again, G.Ph.Telemann but with a French style overture strangely scored for one oboe d’amore and strings.

But in fact all these three compositions have one strong musical element in common: the dance.

J.S.Bach - Cantata 'Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Glücke' BWV84
F.Couperin - Sixième concert royaux
G.Ph.Telemann - Ouverture in E Twv55:E2: for oboe d'amore, strings and continuo

Istante Collective
soprano: Hilary Cronin
oboe/oboe d'amore: Nicola Barbagli
violins: Sarah Bealby-Wright , Ellen Bundy
viola: Emma Alter
cello/gamba: Kate Conway
double bass: Josie Jobbis
theorbo/baroque guitar: Johan Lofving
harpsichord: Sean Heath


Sunday, 27th June, 2021 || 6:00 PM


A European tour of Songs, dances, reels, hornpipes, slangpolkas, new folk tunes, Playford's friends, baroque folk...

We couldn't avoid ending our “reopening” series with a musical party!

What's better than bringing together baroque dances, unusual instruments, and folk?

Baroquestock Folk Sunday on 27th June will feature many friends that have collaborated with us all through the hard lockdowns time with a constant exchanging of music, ideas and hope.

Don’t miss the chance to hear new folk tunes written by Paul Hutchinson and Ally Sinclair together with the evocative sound of Gabi Mass‘s Nickelharpe and Alexis Bennett’s fiddle playing. Mezzo soprano Emily Grey will remind us how Dowland’s songs could still be very modern and “folk”.

Willingdon House Music have represented an incredible experiment of musical resilience during the first lockdown from March 2020: Four musicians locked in a terraced house in North London performed more than 50 live-streamed concerts across 5 months.

They raised money for their rent, building up a huge community of followers and finally recording, at Heath Street Baptist Church, “Pandemonium”: a double CD of classical repertoire and folk historical tunes arranged for an incredibly peculiar line up of instruments. Nicola Barbagli (accordion) and Ellen Bundy (violin) will represent the WHM-quartet on the Heath Street Baptist Church stage.

Ellen Bundy - violin
Nicola Barbagli - accordion
+ Special Guests
EMILY GRAY - singer
GABI MASS - nyckelharpa



New Sounds for Old Winds

supported by Countinuo Foundation

New Sounds for Old Winds is a feast of music celebrating the creativity of wind players in 18th century Vienna. More interested in the spirit of the music than the letter of the score, they would change, adapt and arrange pieces to fit their needs. Inspired by their freedom, Boxwood & Brass will take you on a new journey through old music, including ‘disreputable’ original editions and new arrangements of Serenades, Sonatas and Symphonies by Mozart, Beethoven and their contemporaries.

Saturday, 5th June, 2021 || 6:30 PM

New Sounds for Old Winds #1

Mozart: Serenade in Eb K. 375
Beethoven arr. Percival: Harmonie after String Quartet op. 18 no. 1 (première)

Saturday,19th June, 2021 || 6:30 PM

New Sounds for Old Winds #2

Beethoven arr. Percival: Grande Sonata in Eb 2p. 7 (première)

Mozart arr. Percival: Symphony no. 40 (première)

Saturday, 10th July, 2021 || 6:30 PM

New Sounds for Old Winds #3

Mozart arr. Johann Wendt: Overture to Le Nozze di Figaro

Johann Wendt: Parthia in Eb

Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Octet-Partita in Eb

Boxwood & Brass
oboes: Rachel Chaplin, Nicola Barbagli
clarinets: Emily Worthington, Fiona Mitchell
horns: Anneke Scott, Kate Goldsmith
bassoons: Robert Percival, Cationa McDermid